France is an Allied country that begins the game already at war with all the Axis countries. France's main concern is West Germany, who can easily take Paris in the first few minutes of the game. When Paris falls, all cities on Europe under France's control goes to whoever took Paris. France will then become the United States and can continue the fight from its colonies in Africa and Syria. France's ability is Glorious Defence! It raises the armor and firing rate of bunkers and structures by 50%.

Strategies Edit

Against a good German West Command player you have little chance of holding off the blitzkrieg without UK's help. France starts off with a small army and the powerful Maginot line that defends the South-East flank, but does little to stop the Germany army blitzkrieging through the Benelux countries and invading through North-East France. Building Tank traps around Paris can help slow the German armour down while you build as many Anti-tank riflemen as you can. If the West Germany Command player is too slow in taking Paris, building some machine-gun bunkers along the North-East corrider will fortify the area and prevent a swift end to the war in Europe. This will give you enough time to build up your economy and army while remaining a thorn in the side of the Axis. Getting fortified bunkers will also help slow down would-be Axis conquerors from taking your land. Specialised Infantry or Medium tanks tech will help you break the stalemate with Somuas or early Artillery. If France does not fall, it gives an easier time for the Soviets to smash through to Berlin when Operation Barabossa begins

If Paris does fall, France becomes the United States. They will be given aditional resources in which to rebuild their eco and five tier 5 cities in the north east corner of the map as well as a government centre. In addition, the United States will retain control of all the French colonies that have not been taken by the Axis. Now as the US you will be given access to US units with different stats and you can rebuild your forces in Africa or Syria.