Nationalist Spain is a neutral country in the South West of Europe, just above Africa. It begins the game with many cities as well a few cities in Africa. Nationalist Spain has the potential to become one of the stronger Neutral countries and an influential player in the game.

Strategies Edit

Nationalist Spain will generally be left alone and is given a good deal of freedom on choosing which faction to join. Its mountain pass to the east borders France and is a natural defensive chokepoint. Its southern tip is a soft underbelly that should be defended if Africa is not secured. Nationalist Spain can sit back and eco up the whole game or immediately join the fight due to its proximity to France and Germany.

Join Allies Edit

Nationalist Spain can choose to join Allies, in which case it is recommended to join sooner rather than later. Spain can help hold France against the Axis or sit back in its natural defensive position and harass the Axis with planes or a Navy. Nationalist Spain should also start building up its forces in Africa, helping secure that continent so that Spain won't be surrounded.

Join Axis Edit

Due to Spain's proximity to Germany and Italy it is more natural to join the Axis. In which case, Spain should build up and take the French colonies on the African continent. Joining the Axis has the added advantage of not having to leave troops at the border to France. Depending on how much trouble West Germany is having with France, Spain can send a force to sandwich France from two sides. It is also recommended that Spain build up its airforce so as to control the air over north France from pesky British bombers.