Turkey is a neutral country located in the East below Russia. It is one of the easier countries to play as its position is far enough out of the way such that it is rarely attacked until later in the game. Turkey players can choose to join Axis or Allies.

Join Axis Edit

If Turkey joins Axis there are several French cities in Syria that Turkey can take. In addition Turkey should also bunker just south of the pass that borders Russia just in case Russia sends some troops towards you. Turkey should also get artillery and tanks to take Egypt and Cairo, securing the African continent for the Axis. It is generally not recommended to send troops into the pass against Russia until Russia is sufficiently busy fighting other Axis forces. The pass is horrendous terrain that will remove armour and speed from your vehicles. In order to break out from the pass, it might take some time but having powerful artillery should be sufficient to punch through and take Stalingrad.

Join Allies Edit

If Turkey joins Allies the main thing to do is secure Africa and threaten the Balkan states. After sufficiently focussing on economy for a while, Turkey can build an airforce to bomb and harass East Germany and Greece. Turkey could also use West Istanbul as a forward staging area to build up your forces and support the Russian advance. Turkey could also build a strong navy in the Mediterranean Sea and harass the Axis coastline. It is up to the player on how they want to play Turkey. Just be wary of an Axis force approaching from the North through the pass or from below through Egypt.