West German Command is a controllable country comprising of most of Western Germany. West German Command is argubly the most important country in the game and only a confident and skilled player should play it.

Strategy Edit

West German Command should primarily concern itself on defeating France and securing the whole of Western Europe. At the beginning of the game, the player should loads its troops into APCs and activate its ability "Blitzkrieg!" and literally blitzkrieg west into France with their army. You should focus only on killing the French army around Paris and bunkering up with machinegun bunkers around there. Use the airforce provided to you at the start of the game to target any bunkers that might want to go up. UK can throw a spanner into the works and land an army on Northern France. Building production facilities in Northern France should drive your advantage home and teching to artillery or similar bunker-busting vehicles should demolish the rest of the French defences. The main strength for Germany here is quickness and speed. Any weakness in Allied defence should be exploited to its fullest before defences can go up, or you'll be facing a united UK and French frontline with a long artillery war.

Once France is secured, put some air defences in Northern France against the incoming UK harassment that is sure to come. Start securing your lead by building a lot of construction materials factories and building up your industry. Aim to have more than 700 income before Operation Barabossa starts. You may switch to Huge Education Investment policy or ask your allies for science, to go for late game techs like Panther V tanks or Jet planes. Destroy any country on the continent that is not Axis, or they may be a threat to you later on. At the beginning of Operation Barabossa, the Soviet Union should not be completely ready. You have a few more minutes to prepare for the incoming horde. Surviving the initial onslaught and working with other Axis members should allow you to overwhelm the Soviet Union with your superior income. Once Russia has been dealt with and Moscow secured, help your allies take Africa and Scandinavia. Then launch a naval invasion at UK first softening it up with Bombers or naval bombardment.

In the late late game you should have teched to Main Battle Tanks and none on the continent should be able to keep up with your technological superiority.